Connection speeds

I’d be very interested to hear your new broadband speeds to those who are now connected…please do comment on this and let us know.

I did a connection test on my connection and got 30mbps…

A fairly sizeable improvement on last week…

15 thoughts on “Connection speeds

  1. Mine is showing 12mps which is below what I was expecting but this will be the overhead old wire I bet from the box to our house


  2. Hi David,
    I’m not around until the 6th however BT have advised that as of today we are now connected! As soon as I am back I will let you know.


  3. David – first of all thank you so much for leading this – greatly appreciated. Just connected today with Sky and getting speeds of over 60Mbps DL and 18Mbps DL – but I am just opposite the green cabinet (Ollerton House) on Chelford Road so this may help explain higher speeds. Previously was getting around 2-3Mbps DL speed so great improvement. Thanks again 🙂


  4. We reached 16 on the first day we switched over but since then it seems to have settled around 10 download speed and 1.3 upload. BT claim that when they ‘push the signal down the line’ (whatever that means) they get a reading of 27 download speed. We are right at the end of the line up by the water tower so it’s probably 1.5 km from the cabinet. Still, a huge improvement on where we were previously (0.49 mb/s)


  5. Dave thanks so much for your hard work on this. Which house do you live at, would like to drop you a bottle! Got switched over yesterday and achieving 34mbps download and 9.5mbps. Very happy!


  6. Dave as requested. Just returned from holiday and set up the new router; first three speed tests show 34.8 Mbps.
    Best wishes,


  7. We (Stable cottage by the junction with Hall/Pott lane) appear to be settling at approx 45/18. Up from ~1.2/0.3. Some improvement! Thanks again Dave.


  8. Hi Dave, A huge thank you for all your work in getting the Broadband sorted. We are getting 30mbps, up from 1.4mbps, at Moss Cottage, Moss Lane – what a difference.
    Best wishes
    John and Gerry Waggett


  9. David, a HUGE thank you for what you have done for us all in leading this project. As of a week ago we went from an unsteady 2Mbs down x2 ADSLs to a max 78Mbs and 19Mb’s up with this VDSL! Appreciate we are only 50 feet from the cabinet so I don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up. I’m not endorsing this but if it helps, I have opted for BT’s Business Premium Infinity (mainly for its SLA). Kindest regards and thanks again, Jim at UBER Interiors


  10. David.You have done a magnificent job .It was an original and clever idea but your tenacity is exceptional which has seen the work through to completion. My speed is around 13.5 which is one hell of an improvement but BT accept it is not fast enough and they say there is an external fault which they are going to put right in the next three days. We will see ! I will post a further comment next week.


  11. BT have responded quickly and sent an engineer to the house (Moss Farm) and corrected a faulty connection to the alarm system which they have reconnected and this has resulted in a steady speed of 33.5. Amazing efficiency by BT and the alarm system still works !


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