Our Cabinet has Landed…Amber Warning

As you may have seen, our new cabinet has now been installed at the end of School Lane, which is the first major milestone in the build out . The next steps are to run the fibre from Knutsford, install power and connect the existing existing copper lines to the cabinet.


I’ve been on the phone to BT today to get an update on progress. Whilst investigating the fibre run, they have found a blockage that they need to remove in the existing ducting (Despite asking, I still don’t know why this took a year to get to this point).

This will require temporary traffic lights on the Chelford road to allow them to fix the issue, for which they need to apply for a permit. We are awaiting an outcome on the application and to find out how long this process will take. There’s a chance this will delay the switch on date, but I’ll keep on at BT and will provide another update once I find out specifics.

As a result, I’ll put the project on an ‘Amber’ warning the November switch on date. We might still make it, but there’s a few unknowns we need to get resolved. Watch this space.