Final connection

I had word that the final connection is going ahead on Tuesday, with the cabinet going live the following day.

All being well , BT will ‘release’ the fibre-enabled cabinet to suppliers on Wednesday next week, ready for us to place the order. BT are contacting me to confirm, and I’ll post on here when we’re ready to go.


6 thoughts on “Final connection

  1. Thanks for all the efforts in getting this up and running. Hopefully we will get a fast and more importantly reliable service going forward.

    I have my doubts though. I’m on first name terms with BT as I have to report faults so often.

    Broadband off again as I type !!?


    1. Yes, I hope so too. Sure you can understand I can’t speak for any individual issues you may be experiencing, but if there are any area-wide issues post go-live trust me I’ll be escalating accordingly! Dave


      1. I know it’s not your fault Dave 🙂

        Its not just me Dave, neighbours on the lane experiences poor service too.

        Next question.

        Now we have nice new fibre to the box.

        Will the old wiring that currently comes into most properties need to be replaced to achieve the fast broadband speeds ?

        I would imagine each provider would need to assess this, but it is still BT that is responsible for the infrastructure to the first internal socket ?


  2. LIke 99% of Superfast fibre, our connection will be “Fibre to the Cabinet” (FTTC) whereby fibre is run from the exchange to the cabinet, and the existing copper wiring is only in place for the last bit. BT Openreach are still fully responsible for the entire infrastructure, so if there’s a problem with the external copper wiring Openreach will still be responsible for putting it right. If there is a problem now with your either your local copper wiring, this could carry over to the fibre service, so I would raise a fault with your supplier now if you are having problems.

    Here’s a bit more info on FTTC …


  3. Hurrah! I have got fibre broadband! We are right at the end of the line (up by the water tower) and I have today got 16 Mb/s download and 1.6 upload. A significant improvement from previous average download speed on 0.49!! Hurrah! Thanks Dave! Xx


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