Ready to Order

The superfast service has just gone live, so you will now be able to place an order for fibre broadband.

I’ve just placed my order with my existing supplier (Sky) which should be available in 5-10 working days.

Just as a reminder, you can choose any deal for your broadband service and you don’t have to use BT as your chosen supplier. I find good customer service is key.

I’ll post my new download speed up here when it goes live, I’d be very interested to hear everyone’s speed and reliability once your service goes live.


5 thoughts on “Ready to Order

  1. Thought you all might like to know that I have successfully placed an order with BT this evening! Even though fibre is now available they must still be running everything through copper as speeds today are still only between 0.2 and 0.6 Mbps. I have been told to expect to be connected within ten to twelve working days but I must await confirmation from my order which will be generated within the next two to forty eight hours! Any of you familiar with Monty Pythons “Cheese Shop” sketch might notice a distinct similarity!

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  2. Hi Dave,
    You are owed a beer/fizz/bottle/similar for the time you’ve put into this and the persistence demonstrated. Many thanks. I have also placed an order with BT (switching from Plus Net) tonight. I appear to be further down the queue than Tony as the earliest activation date I was offered was 30/04. The days of HD sports channels await…


    1. No problem Rob. Just as a reminder, you don’t necessarily need to go with BT. I’ve had a horrendous time with their broadband service in the past, although many others have been happy with them.


      1. Thanks Dave. Yes I’ve gone with BT reluctantly after an awful experience previously terminating with them. Plus Net very few problems over the last three years here. BT worked out well for price this time for a broadband, TV and phone package so we’ll see whether I regret letting price win..

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