Delay :-(

Unfortunately I heard yesterday that Cheshire East council have refused permission for the traffic management required near the Parkfield road cabinet to allow the fibre run to be completed. This is due to an ‘embargo’ on any roadworks over the Christmas period. Openteach tried, in vain, to appeal against this decision.

This work will now be put back until January 8th, which means we’ll miss the November switch on.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I’m currently pushing for Openreach to give me a new date and will provide a further update once I know more.


Almost there…

Lots of activity happening in the next couple of weeks, and you’ll likely see a number of traffic lights up along the Chelford road.

There are two main stretches that are being worked on – the main run from the Booths Hall roundabout to the end of School Lane is happening next week – this is more proving and sub-ducting getting the route ready for the fibre connection.

Next Sunday (19th) will see traffic lights up near Parkgate road where they will be working on the section from the section of road from the Knutsford cabinet.

Connecting the existing copper telephone lines to our new cabinet is also happening next week. Power to the cabinet is due to complete by 27th Nov traffic management will be in place from the 20th to allow this work to complete.

Provided there are no major blockages on the route, work should complete on the 28th November. Service Providers should be notified a few days later, and we’ll then be able to order a fibre service from the broadband provider of your choice.

Watch this space, and fingers crossed there are no setbacks. I’m getting a guided tour on-site from the deployment team next week so I’ll be able to post more detail then.