Ready to Order

The superfast service has just gone live, so you will now be able to place an order for fibre broadband.

I’ve just placed my order with my existing supplier (Sky) which should be available in 5-10 working days.

Just as a reminder, you can choose any deal for your broadband service and you don’t have to use BT as your chosen supplier. I find good customer service is key.

I’ll post my new download speed up here when it goes live, I’d be very interested to hear everyone’s speed and reliability once your service goes live.


Final connection

I had word that the final connection is going ahead on Tuesday, with the cabinet going live the following day.

All being well , BT will ‘release’ the fibre-enabled cabinet to suppliers on Wednesday next week, ready for us to place the order. BT are contacting me to confirm, and I’ll post on here when we’re ready to go.