Delay :-(

Unfortunately I heard yesterday that Cheshire East council have refused permission for the traffic management required near the Parkfield road cabinet to allow the fibre run to be completed. This is due to an ‘embargo’ on any roadworks over the Christmas period. Openteach tried, in vain, to appeal against this decision.

This work will now be put back until January 8th, which means we’ll miss the November switch on.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I’m currently pushing for Openreach to give me a new date and will provide a further update once I know more.


5 thoughts on “Delay :-(

  1. This sounds a familiar tale! It happened to us – for months we were asking Openreach to confirm the porject timeline and that all permits were in place for the predictable engineering works. In October we asked again. BT said all should be fine. Then in November they added 6 weeks to schedule because they hadn’t anticipated Christmas! In the end we negotiated the permits with the Council but BT still missed the switch on by 5 weeks, despite assurances of “we’ll make up lost time”. The next whammy they’ll tell you is their sub contractor will have moved on because of the lost slot… or the power company can’t work on the install because of moved install date. And of course wayleaves… have BT sorted that yet?

    Good luck… time tosetup a sweepstake on delivery date.


    1. Correction: our story is here: In a freudian slip I included the Surrey County broadband website link – they have been conspicuously unhelpful and we went the private funded route when re realised all the County Council promises that 99% coverage would be achieved by 2014 were all smoke and mirrors. It was evident they would not enable the rural parts of Surrey, and in my part of surrey we have had 6 or 7 private gap funded projects since Surrey CC admitted they won’t deliver.


  2. Dave,
    Have you heard any further from Openreach? Even if we don’t yet have a revised switch-on date it would be encouraging to hear the roadworks are going ahead 8th Jan.
    Thanks for your continued efforts.


    1. The last date I was given was 31st Jan, but there has been an issue connecting the power which requires permission from Spinney Cottage. I’ve asked for another update which I hope I’ll get shortly. I’ll post another update as soon as I hear back.


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