Updated delivery date

I’ve been in a number of rather rather tense and frustrating conversations with BT on the delivery date over the last few weeks about their reasons for the continued delay in the delivery of our super-fast service, and when they are actually going to deliver.

BT/Openreach have had a number of complications they did not cater for in their plans including:

  • Roadworks being upgraded from ‘Minor’ to ‘Major’ works by Cheshire East meaning a 3 month delay
  • The power connection for the green box needed permission from the landowner to complete works opn their property
  • United utilities are working on the same stretch of road

The new delivery date is now 4th March, after which we should be able to place orders for the upgraded service (more on this in a future post).

In terms of what happened, my opinion is, despite assurances to the contrary, BT simply started the whole process too late and left no wiggle room for any unplanned tasks. I have made our frustration very clear indeed to the highest levels at BT.  Whether this has any effect remains to be seen.

I have been assured they have everything they need to complete and there are no obstacles in the way of the 4th March delivery date. You should see a lot of activity in the coming weeks along the Chelford Rd, hopefully the traffic queues will be worth it in the long run!


4 thoughts on “Updated delivery date

  1. Dave, it’s been frustrating watching this be repeatedly delayed (a watched kettle and all that perhaps) but I’m sure it’s been more frustrating for you and your efforts really are appreciated.


  2. Well done it looks as though you are nearly there. How do you have the patience to deal with BT. Thank you for all the time you are spending on the project.


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