Things seem to be finally moving in the right direction, we now have power to the Cabinet – many thanks to Denise and Richard at Spinney Cottage for allowing work on their property to allow this to happen.

The last piece we expect to see happening is the installation of the fibre itself which should be happening in the next two weeks. All being well, we should be able to order the improved service from around 4th March.

Good news from our neighbours in Warburton, Lymm who have just gone live with their improved service, using the same voucher funding mechanism pioneered on our scheme. They have seen a massive speed improvement from around 1- 2 mbps to close to 40 mbps. They’re understandably delighted with the improvement.

7 thoughts on “Power-up

  1. Wonderful news and thank you so much to everyone involved! It feels like we’re finally coming out of the dark ages and into the 21st century! David you have done such a phenomenal job!


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