Ready to Receive Pledges

Connecting Ollerton is now ready to receive pledges.

If you are interested in supporting the project, then please fill out this short form.

The deadline to receive all pledges is Friday 12th February. After that date (and hopefully sooner) we’ll know if the project has the support it needs to go ahead.
Before pledging, please have a look at the map on this page to see if you are eligible for the scheme. If you received a leaflet through your door before Christmas then your household will qualify for the scheme.
Cllr Neil Hanlon and Mike Brown will be distributing leaflets to the remaining houses in Ollerton this weekend to garner support for a wider programme of works. Good luck Neil and Mike
For me, this is most exciting part of the project so far, and we’ll find out if the work put in will actually bear fruit….of course I have every confidence we’ll race over the finish line!

One thought on “Ready to Receive Pledges

  1. In my view this is an essential scheme if Ollerton properties are to be part of the 21st Century. I do not believe “Connecting Cheshire”, the BT Openreach people, will connect us for at least the next 5 years and meanwhile we have rotten connectivity.
    I urge all residents to pledge as much as they feel appropriate, businesses too. Insofar as there is an excess of funds available over needs, I am sure the least amount required will be asked for from all who pledge.
    Simon Armstrong

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