So Far, So Good…

Just a quick update on the fibre install works…everything is seemingly on track for a November 2017 “switch on” date.

Here’s a short version of the update I’ve received from BT today:

  • ‘First stage’ plans have been drawn up and completed.
  • Works have been issued to survey the fibre routes determined by those plans.
  • The works will retest ‘on the ground conditions’ including routes, presence of other plant, fibre joints, routes available as expected and network integrity.
  • The work has been ongoing since April.   That work is completing.  This is running to plan. No delays are currently expected.
  • We are on track for November.


2 thoughts on “So Far, So Good…

  1. Any further updates as we draw closer to the November timeline? Also is that install and ‘we will be able to take the services’ from November?


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