Almost there…

Finally looks like we’re getting somewhere. The very last piece of work on the Chelford Road is booked in for next Tuesday – they’ve had a nightmare with multiple blockages and collapsed ducting.

The fibre is at due to be ‘blown’ down the route next Wednesday/Thursday. Once this is completed, it needs to be connected up both ends, tested and commissioned.

BT then notify all the suppliers (Talk Talk, Sky, BT etc.) that they can start accepting orders. It looks like we’re going to be able to place an order for the upgraded service the first week back after Easter.  Fingers crossed.

Thanks for your patience on this!


2 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. Good morning Dave.

    Forgive me bothering you. For my sins I am the chairman of the Ollerton and Marthall village Hall, The Hall at Marthall for shortness.

    I am attending the AGM tonight and have this morning had the minutes of last years AGM sent to me. In them there is an appeal for new young blood for the committee.

    I am conscious of the Data protection constraints which holding people’s e-mails impose. Through connecting Ollerton you have a mailing list , I guess, by e-mail.

    Subject to my getting permission from the committee at The Hall to ask you, I wonder whether , when you shortly have the opportunity to fanfare the connection’s completion , would you be prepared to add a request to any persons who might be interested in helping on the committee to contact Liz Leech? Just an idea at present but would not wish to float it without your approval



    Simon D Armstrong


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